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In 3 minutes you will learn about the many benefits of the latest recommended product from SilverSide Insurance Marketing including:

5% upfront fully vested bonusIllustrates a Positive Walkaway after the 2nd year10% FREE withdrawals after year 1…unused portion ACCUMULATES to 50%

A- Excellent Rating AM Best!

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SilverSide works with agents who expect a personalized service where we diligently seek to understand your needs and help grow your business.
SilverSide provides access to a range of single premium and multi premium life insurance products including: whole life, universal life, term life, final expense, annuities, income planning, indexed and fixed indexed annuities, MYGA (multi year guarantee annuity), LTC (long-term care), LTC planning, LTC alternatives and more.
SilverSide is prepared and able to help you understand new trends and allow you to continue to build your portfolio. If our agents aren’t growing their businesses, we can’t grow ours. We are building our business in a way that embraces new technology and sets a foundation for staying ahead of the curve in the future.

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  • New and comprehensive products for our agents.
  • SilverSide Insurance Marketing is committed to our agents.
  • Personalized service where we diligently seek to understand your needs and help grow your business.

Our Insurance Carrier Partners

SilverSide Insurance Marketing is proud to represent our insurance carrier partners and upholds their trusted brands to our clients and agents. Be sure to read about each of our product partners, such as Sagicor Life USA and Assurity Life Insurance Company, both on our site and on theirs for up-to-date information about products, life insurance market changes, and new custom policy advancements. Each insurance agent who connects their business with SilverSide receives a substantial boost in diversity of products, carrier representation, and client security. Contact us to expand your business today! Thank you for visiting our home page.